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2007-12-16 FLBB   16
4   outR   cblan2k7
2007-12-16 FLBB   16
5   outR   cblan2k7
2007-12-16 FLBB   16
4   HU   cblan2k7
2007-12-16 FLBB   12
16   outR   cblan2k7



FLBB @ Se4son - Postgame Report

FLBB kicks off the new season of Fraglider and this time on 1st division. After 2 consecutive ascents in the last seasons we have only one reality in mind, victory.

Season is an online league, going already on 4th edition. Besides the two-time champions, utilpost, teams are as follows:


FLBB over utilpost on de_fraglider(16-10)-(12-3)(4-7):
This was a successful start for us as we overcame the previous champions, utilpost, we knew that this game wouldn't be as difficult as the previous times due to utilpost recent roster changes.
Game was played in the map of the competition, de_fraglider, this is a quite interesting map that with the spawn change it can turns very competitive.
We took totally control in the first half keeping an excellent defense making it 12-3. After switching sides and maybe due to some anxiety, we had some hard struggles and they did it 7-4, enough for us to bring victory home.

FLBB over 3M on de_nuke(13-16)-(3-12)(10-4):
Unfornately, due to some ISP problems (three of our players with high ping), bad tactic structure and a quite effective 3M offense, we couldn't get things rolling and we lost the first and only match until date on the season. First half was very complicated and we were down 3-12, on the second half we made a fantastic comeback as terrorist but not enough to win, doing 10-4.

FLBB over PbK on de_cbble(15-15)-(13-2)(2-13):
After we notice that it would be almost impossible to play (same ISP problems with very high ping on three players) we immediately asked to postpone the match, however, even with more than one month to rematch the game, they said it was impossible to do it so we had to play on those conditions.
Fortunately, myself and xypheN had an amazing play helping out things, Pbk were down 13-2 on the first half. After switching sides, we had very complicated situations only making 2 rounds.

FLBB over xpto on de_dust2(16-5)-(10-5)(6-0):
No history here, xpto have been inactive for a while lately and we knew that we had to win the game. The lack of concentration made us to lost some easy rounds on the first half, however we made it easily with a 16-5.

FLBB over UA on de_cpl_mill(16-11)-(9-6)(7-5):
This game had to be postponed due to ping problems, however, we saw each other quite disturbed to practice this map due to lack of teams playing it in Portugal. UA were on the same conditions so the game was not that good on the tactic level.
Unfortunately, UA were playing with high ping and they didn't want to rematch the game, however, they played great showing good individual skills.

Stay tuned to the site for CS coverage.


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#1 - L0tus

ty xyphen pela tradução :D

January 25, 2005 @ 19:07

#2 - xypheN

Good new :D
a tradução são 5áeriós

January 25, 2005 @ 19:11

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January 25, 2005 @ 19:12

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logo vi q esse ingles era leetada do xyp ;D
pbk rull :S

January 25, 2005 @ 23:07

#5 - xypheN

abafas-te :P

January 26, 2005 @ 00:00

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a i tal eu n soube desses games vs xpto vs uaclan Mas k vem a ser isto? n avisam a data dos jogos?Portem-se bem olhem keu deixod e ser vosso fan

January 26, 2005 @ 23:20

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